Friday Night at Gnarly! Some most Unusual Suspects…

All-French Super-Passionate Hyper-Natural Wines

Friday, October 20


Brought to you by none other than the handsome, uber-charming Pierre Gastaldello, Natural Wine Crusader and brilliant mind behind the creation of Bobo Selections, aka the Keyser Soze of the quite Unusual Suspects pictured above!


2015 Jousset Exile Rose Petillant – Languedoc-Rousillon, France – $24

100% Gamay sparkling Pet Nat that’s farmed organically, harvested by hand and vinified naturally.  While not as bubbly or buscuity as a typical Champagne, it’s more than bubbly enough for an earnest toast! Crisp and pretty dry with subtle, but gorgeous, red berry flavors it also has a hint of funky, leesy fermentation aromas and great minerality.  Pairs wonderfully with green salads and virtually any cheese!


2015 Domaine du Haut-Planty, “Gwin Evan” Au Gre du Vin – Loire-Atlantique, France – $19.5

This is a medium-bodied, Certified Organic Melon de Bourgogne (aka Muscadet) that’s hand harvested, fermented spontaneously in cement tank with indigenous yeast and left in the tank on its lees for 12-16 months before bottling with minimal sulfites. With a deep, golden hue, this is not your typical Muscadet – it’s funky and petillant with pronounced fermentation aromas followed by ripe peach and pear notes. Whereas Muscadet is a classic pairing with Oysters on the half shell, the Gwin Evan pairs better an Oyster Po’Boy… topped with Sea Urchin!


2015 Anthony Thevenet, Morgon Vieilles Vignes – Beaujolais, France – $32

A gorgeous, silky Gamay that’s gravity fed into the old wood or concrete fermentation tanks – so natural, it doesn’t even see a pump!  Fermentation takes place using carbonic maceration to emphasize the freshness of the fruit and keep the tannins in check allowing the bright, fresh strawberry and rasperry flavors shine.  Serve slightly chilled and pair with roast chicken or Reblochon!


2015 Nicolas Reau Anjou Rouge Pompois – Loire Valley, France – $27.5

A vibrant, cool climate, Loire Valley Cab Franc that’s a study in tension and contradictions.  It’s ripe with mouthwatering, juicy cherry flavors, yet still lean with a hint of green and white pepper.  It’s supple, smooth and easy sipping yet incredibly complex with a long, firm tannic finish.  Fermented in neutral wooden tanks and concrete, it reflects the environment of the farm without smelling like chicken poop! Pairs wonderfully with rosemary roasted pork or a portobello mushroom quiche!

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