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The Pogues Irish Whiskey - Ireland (750ml)

The Pogues Irish Whiskey - Ireland (750ml)


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The Pogues Irish Whiskey - Ireland (750ml)
The spirit of the band, bottled, they said. We're not sure if that would be possible but this blend of 50% 10 yr old single malt & 5-7 year old grain whiskey is delicious anyway. With a full nose of malts, vanilla & and nutty aromas, the Pogues is very smooth, with a unique version of the signature sweet taste of Irish whiskey and a mellow yet hearty flavor, full of hazelnuts, smoked caramel and a hint of Atlantic brine. Like the band’s music, this spirit’s clearly of where it comes from and tied to its heritage, but represents a unique expression of those.
Made in collaboration with West Cork Distillers, one of Ireland’s last independent distilleries, in the heart of West Cork.