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Urbitarte Natural Cider - Basque Country, Spain

Urbitarte Natural Cider - Basque Country, Spain


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Urbitarte Natural Cider - Basque Country, Spain
Located in the heart of the Goierri, surrounded by the Aralar Mountains, Urbitarte was founded in 1991 - a drop in the bucket of Basque history - by a couple of passionate, young, Basque artisans. Every every part of the production process is done manually providing a product that is natural, unique and extraordinary.
Fermented naturally from indigenous apple varieties, without any added sugars, sweeteners, or commercial yeasts. The end result is a dry, somewhat funky, slightly sparkling cider that benefits from some vigorous shaking! Imagine a classic Breton Cider that’s less bubbly but with a pickleback chaser and you get the picture Traditionally served with cod omelette, chorizo and freshly carved steaks. Belgian Sour Beer and Lambic drinkers will fall in love with this Basque cider!